Children should learn Mathematics from a young age.

Did you know that young children are most receptive to taking in new ideas and to develop their ability to do Mathematics? It is NOW where the foundation for future success is built.

Educationalists believe that the majority of your child’s ability to learn will have been formed by the age of ten.

Most problems that children develop with Mathematics in later years can usually be traced back to deficiencies in their foundation.

What is Miki Maths Magic?
  • Miki Maths Magic is a structured programme that helps young children, aged 3 – 10 to develop a rich understanding of essential mathematical concepts. It is generally offered as an extra-curricular activity at nursery schools and primary schools.

  • New concepts are developed gradually, over a long period of time.

  • All three levels of understanding are included in each lesson: using concrete materials, worksheets (abstract) and language development.

  • Miki Maths Magic provides an opportunity for children to learn Mathematics in smaller groups.

  • Children learn best when they are enjoying what they are doing. Our goal is for children to develop a love of mathematics.